Services | We design and develop UX orientated web and apps

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We offer project planning and requirements analysis, user interface design, wireframing and web or mobile development, testing, implementation and support. We offer a single point of service for all your requirements.

Web development

We create modern and elegant responsive websites and web-based systems that require higher than average performance and scalability.

20 cases

Mobile apps

Developers and designers work together to build native iOS and Android applications. This means apps look and work right.

18 cases

UX and design

Our development is focused on UI and UX. We have a unique approach to wireframes; they are animated and extremely detailed.

24 cases



We are the main supplier of Ulmart - the biggest e-commerce company in Russia. We have designed and built ZZZ; the place to buy fresh produce online. We have faced every possible topic relating to e-commerce: warehouse, payments, client profiling, elasticsearch, scalability, marketing campaigns, integrations, refunds, loyalty programs and more.

8 cases


We are direct suppliers to Vodafone, Vimplecom, Teliasonera, Lebara and other telecoms. We build selfcare websites and mobile apps - consumer facing products. Our project managers typically work on site and have extensive knowledge of this industry.

4 cases


Sports betting products are very different from the rest of the web. They contain vast amounts of event results that change in real time. Betting online involves placing bets in real money, in real time, securely. We have created a range of these projects successfully.

1 cases


These projects are really fun to work with! Trust us to work on social networking, music, navigation, education and other type of apps and websites.

8 cases


Our team of experts work with entrepreneurs to develop their startup business ideas. Very often we build the MVP together with the client and then continue supporting it after it becomes successful.

2 cases


  • Oracle Java
  • .NET
  • C#
  • ASP.Net
  • Grails
  • PHP
  • Ruby on rails
  • iOs
  • Android
  • Windows PhoneWindows Phone
  • Swift
  • AngularJS
  • ReactJS